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22. venom


and just like that the string is inside of me again and the book is taking what it needs his blood rick’s blood and it’s sucking on rick’s arm like a tick and CAMERON STYE couldn’t be happier because welcome to your new short little life rick you little shit how i’ve waited for you the day when CAMERON STYE could help make you die and here we are you couldn’t even be useful to us and now you’re going to die soon and the priest’s helper-guy is almost dead and my bitch is opening her locket and inside is the powder the blue powder and she’s spreading it on priest-helper’s lips and CAMERON STYE wishes the priest could watch us fuck up his whore but the priest is still unconscious but it doesn’t matter because it’s all going well and HILDA LEEK is finishing the Pattern of Saturn and her eyes are so beautiful so angry and CAMERON STYE need this and nothing and no one can stop us because we’re forever but they’ll surely still try and stop us but we will kill kill kill you if you try and now we know what to do and we have to let the book feed on the blood of the priest-helper to draw her here the cunt and we know her name now so she’s fucked evelyn evelyn diedz want to take her apart with my teeth and she’ll burn and bleed out all at the same time and this guy right here couldn’t be happier and that’s how it is and that’s how it was and that’s how it’s always going to be when you’re CAMERON STYE top dog of this fake ass motherfucking world and how this world has hurt me and HILDA LEEK and we’re going to burn it up on the way out and back to where we belong you’re mine rick but you stink with sweaty fear and this guy just can’t make himself care one fucking bit so he makes you piss yourself because you had to go and so it gets on the floor and HILDA LEEK looks a little sick about it but CAMERON STYE is laughing and saying he couldn’t help it but really this here CAMERON STYE he just wanted to make you piss yourself rick before you die because CAMERON STYE is a ferocious killer who has killed more men than your wildest dreams and who doesn’t have wild dreams like that and he can could tear you up rick like a cat like you wouldn’t care soon anyway because you’d be dead so stand with HILDA LEEK and the fucking ritual ritual ritual ritual needs to start but it can’t yet and so CAMERON STYE makes rick walk around and lift up the priest and get him into the free chair where CAMERON STYE fucking took over rick’s body because rick is a weak little shit and CAMERON STYE is a fucking immortal and CAMERON STYE is taking the knife now while HILDA LEEK paints and works and puts the blood on her locket and you know how it is you know that CAMERON STYE is making rick stab that helper guy like a motherfucker and now CAMERON STYLE knows what has to happen with the priest can’t have a priest doing his thing got to use that no one can stop us no father no mother mother father nobody so rick is doing what the body of rick is told to do just like it was told in the old books and he’s back to cutting off pieces of the helper guy now and taking them to the priest holding the helper-guy’s skin and he’s shoving his fingers into the priest’s sleeping roofied mouth with pieces of helper-guy and shoving the pieces down the priest’s throat and saying “this is MY blood and this is MY body not yours MINE” because these pieces don’t belong to the priest-helper any more it all belongs to me because any body belongs to me because CAMERON STYE is the goddamned PRINCE and you can’t forget it and that fucker vic marsh killed me but now CAMERON STYE is coming back he’s coming back AND HE’S FUCKING PISSED and CAMERON STYE is going to live again just like we were promised and everything hurts but who the fuck cares and now it’s getting more so where the motherfucking priest isn’t exactly waking up but really it’s more like coughing and choking but CAMERON STYE doesn’t give a shit the priest won’t care soon enough about much of anything with the plan of CAMERON STYE’s blood and rick’s blood joining the bloody pieces of that priest’s helper and it’s all working together inside the priest and that needs to happen FUCKING NOW so CAMERON STYE just smiles and and keeps going feeding the priest the pieces of the priest-helper and saying “eat the body of your dead goddamned god eat the body eat the body bless it bless it” and cutting the tips of the fingers of rick and these will be the fingers being used to feed the priest so the blood of rick is glowing now because the blood of CAMERON STYE is inside of rick and the glowing blood is dripping from rick’s fingers and then CAMERON STYE is making rick shove the blood of rick and CAMERON STYE’S blood down the priest’s throat and now she’s pouring the blue powder and now the priest is doing this funny coughing scream now like he’s waking up and can’t figure out what’s going on like if you pushed a little kid out of bed and we’re laughing together now CAMERON STYE and HILDA LEEK and the there’s dying blood and living blood and possessed blood and spirit blood all together and we’re making the priest eat the skin and muscle of a dying man and the priest is trying to spit it out and his lips are blue and HILDA LEEK pushes the fingers and the blood and the blue powder back into the priest’s mouth and make him swallow and his face is looking like he thinks we shouldn’t do this like he has why are you doing this questions but who gives a shit and we cut off parts of Jeff and feed them to the priest and CAMERON STYE remembers when CAMERON STYE cut the shit out of that possum the first time just like cut the shit out of it like CAMERON STYE can do anything and you don’t know the rituals you don’t know the steps so you only know what’s put down in your books which aren’t true so with your books you can’t really know or judge or anything even though you know everything you think but so far you’re finding out it isn’t like that because we know how nobody could stop us not the bitches who’ve tried to stop us before and not the bitches who tried to stop us this time not weak bitches like victor marsh or emmett beery not weak cunts like penny greenlee or gunny marsh because you’ve read this bloody book of evelyn evelyn diedz we know your name and you know what CAMERON STYE has done all the proof of strength all the blood all the killing of victor and gunny and all the children who don’t fucking even deserve to be named because they were just part of the ritual and yeah you too soon jeff and how that fucking cunt evelyn thought she was a big tough cunt but no and this is the new truth and MY TRUTH and CAMERON STYE keeps cutting the shit out of helper-boy but the fucker isn’t dead yet and the glowing blood falls everywhere like it’s in slow-motion and hell yes fuck yes and hell yes it tastes good and the fucking priest who doesn’t deserve a name either is awake now and we’re laughing at him because he’s screaming without making a damn sound and he’s shitting himself and his eyes are making me laugh and HILDA LEEK is dancing now and she’s stripped naked too and we cover ourselves with the blood of helper-man and we put the cunt’s book in the middle of the Pattern of Saturn and we pour the blood on the book and then CAMERON motherfucking STYE sets the book on fire and the fire goes out a few times so HILDA LEEK gets the lighter fluid and puts some on the book and we set it on fire and at least the lighter fluid burns so it works and CAMERON STYE wrings blood out of the helper-fucker’s fingers stabbing the tip of the knife under the fucking fingernails because that’s how CAMERON STYE handles his shit and how he protects HILDA LEEK his bitch and now it’s time and this is the ritual and it’s beautiful and fucking great and the best ever and so CAMERON STYE calls out “EVELYN DIEDZ COME TO US BE STRONG EVELYN DIEDZ!” because the stronger she is the more power she brings when I eat her and CAMERON STYE is the PRINCE and HILDA LEEK is THE FLOWER and rick wasn’t good enough to mean shit to either of us so we’re taking matters into our own hands rick’s pitiful body couldn’t handle me can’t handle me now for very long before getting all sick and shit so change him Hilda change him and fuck him if he can’t handle it and HILDA LEEK is spreading the blood of ghosts and the dead and the living and the blue power on Rick’s lips and fuck yeah we found a way we found a fucking way and we’re dancing to celebrate how we waited we had to wait so long CAMERON STYE killed by victor and now it’s got to be time and CAMERON STYE just knows rick’s body is so filled up with wrong body poison we had to wait so long try so many times and rick’s body is trying to get rid of me he’s puking green on HILDA LEEK but we don’t care so we keep dancing because this has to be it because it’s been so long too long but no more waiting no more patience no more anything but freedom and freedom is all that matters and it hurts when rick tries to get rid of me inside of him but he can’t and it doesn’t matter any more not any more and HILDA LEEK and CAMERON STYE drop to the ground and rick is fighting it harder and harder now and rick is throwing up more and more now but CAMERON STYE has been down this road with rick before eight other times and CAMERON STYE takes hold of every part of this body of rick’s and this body of rick’s is for CAMERON STYE to use and CAMERON STYEknows rick isn’t strong enough to stop CAMERON fucking STYE and CAMERON STYE wins so CAMERON STYE decides hey let’s let rick in even while rick is fighting to get CAMERON STYE out so thatr rick can get to see a little to see through the eyes of rick and now the part of rick that is trying to get control is running away to whatever rick has inside himself because he knows what’s going to happen and he doesn’t want it and he’s pretending it hasn’t happened just like he’s pretended it hasn’t happened eight other times so those memories were easy for CAMERON STYE to bring out with him when rick finally puked him out but this time will be different because you’re a man now rick and you can’t stop CAMERON STYE and HILDA LEEK by any name we are who we are and we can tell we’re about to win and you will remember it this time because CAMERON STYE is putting the last piece of the golden string from evelyn’s book into the mouth of rick and swallowing it and you can’t goddamn stop CAMERON STYE and HILDA LEEK no matter how hard you try and we know it and we’re laughing now and sweating and the last piece of the golden string of evelyn’s book falls and rick falls with it the broken pieces of the string find him and catch him and they work together like we wanted and rick drops so far down into the fucking center of the body of rick right where rick belongs outside his own head because that’s where CAMERON STYE wants rick to be and that’s where CAMERON STYE has control and control is CAMERON STYE’s but then CAMERON STYE feels rick’s body burst out everywhere all at once in hives and then the hives are spelling words like NO and HELP and STOP and rick is puking and then CAMERON STYE makes rick’s muscles all go out at once and CAMERON STYE gets all the fucking power and control and strength and that’s all that matters in life and then the real work starts and CAMERON STYE is yelling “you know me you know me you know me” and the rhythm and the ritual and the golden tick in rick’s arm is spurting the blood now but fuck if CAMERON STYE will let that stop him and now there’s purple fire from the Pattern of Saturn which means no time like now she’ll be here and the cunt evelyn will have to watch now and all that fucking matters is making the body of rick do the right kinds of moving and CAMERON STYE is saying “you know me you know me you know me” because CAMERON STYE is the goddamn KING YOUKNOWME and then CAMERON STYE gives all the poison to HILDA LEEK and it’s all the poison rick’s body has to give it feels like as it should be and this time it works and CAMERON STYE’s coming back to goddamn real living life you pitiful motherfuckers so bow down before me and fucking weep all of you

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