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sightings (media)

sidlings are everywhere.

here, you will find other artists’ interpretations of characters and concepts from my novel.

Content Warning:
Like the sidlings novel, the artwork on this site can be scary.
It is intended for mature viewers.
It may contain violent or disturbing imagery that could be upsettingĀ to some people.

Artwork by Ham/Babirousa
Artwork by ian (ArcaneCenotaph)
Artwork by Cole Munro-Chitty
Artwork by Jen Vaughn
Artwork by Aimee Zhou
Artwork by Creature SH

I have secured each artist’s permission to display the works here.
You should support artists.
You should pay artists for their work.
Don’t reproduce or distribute these images without first also securing the artists’ permission.
Thank you very much.
— Dee Emm Elms