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The Word 'Sidlings,' with curvy letters that overlap with each other and flow. The letters are the color of blood.
To persons living, dead and purely coincidental —

Welcome to my novel of horror, sidlings.

I wrote sidlings in order to accomplish two goals:
1) to tell a very particular kind of campfire story
2) to create art that would help me heal myself

The campfire story — one that I’ve needed to tell for a long time.
The healing aspect of art — well, I’ve needed that for a long time, too.
So here it is.

But — before we actually begin — I’d also like to make some remarks:

On reality
sidlings  is entirely made-up.
I don’t believe in supernatural phenomena.
So just stop all that, before you even start.

On religion
sidlings deals with elements from various religions.
However — in real life, I’m 100 percent an atheist.
So please bear in mind that the religions depicted in this novel are fictional interpretations and that this story takes place in a world of my own creation.
Nothing in this novel should be interpreted as a call — or an excuse — to disrespect real religious people.
If you do that, you’re on your own.

On content
sidlings may be just a campfire story …
… but it’s also meant to be read by mature people.
The novel contains graphic and/or explicit content. 
And it deals with some explicit themes, too.
These themes include abuseviolence, language and sexuality.
All graphic and/or explicit content is, in my opinion, essential to the story.

With these remarks out of the way, let’s get started.

Thanks for making the choice to read my novel.
It means a lot to me.
Because … this story?  I have to tell it.

Oh, and welcome to Drodden.

Warmest regards,
— Dee Emm Elms

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